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KRS Covering a CPS Report Meeting Acceptance Criteria 

620.050 (Appropriate Sections)
620.040 (Appropriate Sections)

620.050 Immunity for good faith actions or reports -- Investigations --Confidentiality of reports.

(3) Upon receipt of a report of an abused, neglected, or dependent child pursuant to this chapter, the cabinet as the designated agency or its delegated representative shall initiate a prompt investigation, take necessary action, and shall offer protective services toward safeguarding the welfare of the child. The cabinet shall work toward preventing further dependency, neglect, or abuse of the child or any other child under the same care, and preserve and strengthen family life, where possible, by enhancing parental capacity for adequate child care.

(4) The report of suspected child abuse, neglect, or dependency and all information obtained by the cabinet or its delegated representative, as a result of an investigation made pursuant to this chapter, shall not be divulged to anyone except:

(a) Persons suspected of causing dependency, neglect, or abuse;

(b) The custodial parent or legal guardian of the child alleged to be dependent,

neglected, or abused;

(c) Persons within the cabinet with a legitimate interest or responsibility related to the case;

(d) Other medical, psychological, educational, or social service agencies, child care administrators, corrections personnel, or law enforcement agencies, including the county attorney's office, the coroner, and the local child fatality response team, that have a legitimate interest in the case;

(e) A noncustodial parent when the dependency, neglect, or abuse is substantiated;

(f) Members of multidisciplinary teams as defined by KRS 620.020 and which operate pursuant to KRS 431.600; or

(g) Those persons so authorized by court order.


620.040 Duties of prosecutor, police, and cabinet -- Prohibition as to school personnel -- Multidisciplinary teams.

(4) (a) If, after receiving the report, the law enforcement officer, the cabinet, or its designated representative cannot gain admission to the location of the child, a search warrant shall be issued by the judge to the appropriate law enforcement official upon probable cause that the child is dependent, neglected, or abused. If, pursuant to a search under a warrant a child is discovered and appears to be in imminent danger, the child may be removed by the law enforcement officer.

(b) If a child who is in a hospital or under the immediate care of a physician appears to be in imminent danger if he is returned to the persons having custody of him, the physician or hospital administrator may hold the child without court order, provided that a request is made to the court for an emergency custody order at the earliest practicable time, not to exceed seventy-two (72) hours.

(c) Any appropriate law enforcement officer may take a child into protective custody and may hold that child in protective custody without the consent of the parent or other person exercising custodial control or supervision if there exist reasonable grounds for the officer to believe that the child is in danger of imminent death or serious physical injury or is being sexually abused and that the parents or other person exercising custodial control or supervision are unable or unwilling to protect the child. The officer or the person to whom the officer entrusts the child shall, within twelve (12) hours of taking the child into protective custody, request the court to issue an emergency custody order.

(d) When a law enforcement officer, hospital administrator, or physician takes a child into custody without the consent of the parent or other person exercising custodial control or supervision, he shall provide written notice to the parent or other person stating the reasons for removal of the child. Failure of the parent or other person to receive notice shall not, by itself, be cause for civil or criminal liability.


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